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If you are looking for your first Psychic online chat or your first psychic reading ever then this site will have some info and tips to help you know what to expect from your reading and some tips on how to choose the right psychic for you. If you have had experience with psychic readings or are a regular you may also find some information on this site that might be of interest or provide some value.

What can you expect from your first reading.

All psychics receive their information in different ways, some of the more common types of psychic ability include;

  • Clairvoyance (The ability to see images / movies in their mind),
  • Clairsentience (The ability to receive intuitive messages via feelings, emotions, or physical sensations) and,
  • Clairaudience (the ability to hear things that others cannot).

For some these abilities sound a little bit fanciful and is difficult for a logical person to process how this all works, one way I have heard these skills explained made sense to me and I will share it to assist you to consider these abilities from a different perspective. In understanding the concept of the unconscious mind it provides a logical way to understand how some people can receive information that others can not.

The unconscious mind is virtually unlimited and it has been said that the unconscious mind receives 11 million bits of information every moment. We can only focus on approx 40 bits of information at any one time. So the information that we are constantly receiving is filtered and distorted and our conscious mind is only presented (or notices) what is important at the time. Some people have decided to develop the ability to receive and interpret more of the information we experience at any moment. Another example that most have had some experience in is having a strong “gut feeling”, these are quite often a really strong feeling (or sometimes warning) that something is not right or you need to do something. Quite often there is no clear reason to have this feeling but is it possible that your unconscious mind has received some information that is important and the feeling is presented into your conscious awareness? How often have you had a gut feeling which was not worth listening to?

A psychic is able to interpret information or energy that you may not be able to perceive and provide you with some clarity or possibilities that you may not have been aware of. It really does not matter what ability they use or the process they go through all good psychics will be able to provide you with some valuable insights. The main thing to remember when you get a reading is the psychic is not telling you your future, is not telling you things that will absolutely happen or even be 100% accurate but they will tell you their interpretation of the information they receive for you that you will not be aware of to the best of their ability.

I have had a number of psychic readings both in person and online and I have found great value from each of them. I have found some of them a little daunting at times as it is quite a strange feeling receiving messages that are personal and accurate from someone you have not had any personal connection with before. With each reading there were parts that were highly accurate to either present situations or events that occurred after the reading and also parts of the readings were not entirely accurate, but there have been situations that have occurred in my life that I have thought back to a past reading and the event really paralleled something I was told. A psychic reading can be a very powerful experience if you choose to have one.

If you are ready to look for a psychic online to seek a reading there are a number of trustworthy sites now where you can read about the reader and read real reviews from previous customers. Trust yourself when you are choosing and know you will choose the right reader. Some psychics will offer a free online chat to see if there is a connection there before you commit to a paid reading also which can be useful.
You may also be lucky enough to have a traveling psychic expo visit your local area where you can make a booking for a in person reading. This can also be a good way to have a first reading if you prefer a face to face experience.

There is usually an option to have a reading recorded or a transcript. This can also be a good idea as it is sometimes a lot of information comes through. If you do not take this option I do recommend that you at least have a pen and paper on hand so you can write down what was received after your reading while it is still fresh in your mind.

You can go into a reading with specific questions or leave it open to the psychic to present what they receive.

I hope this site is helpful and there will be regular info added to the Free Psychic Chat Online blog for your reference.